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10-30-2011 Stock updated - All 2011 wool is currently listed on Ebay

All of our wool will be sold on Ebay under username catherinetsizer. Look for my wool here


If you wish to see what other buyers have to say about my fleeces, please look at my wife's feedback. Her user ID on Ebay is catherinetsizer.  We also sell direct for less!  For quotes, email fleeces@sizerfarm.com and make sure to send your ZIP code and preferred shipping method.  We take checks, money orders and PayPal.

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DISCOUNTS OF 10% TO 20% OFF (OR MORE FOR WHOLESALE PURCHASES) APPLY FOR MULTIPLE PURCHASES.  Your discount will show on your quote when you email me for a shipping quote.


2011 wool will be sold by the whole, lightly skirted fleece. The staple length listed are the longest fibers in the fleece so you can expect most of the wool to be shorter than the length listed.

I have been told by a spinner that the wool has a medium/fine crimp and is very durable.  Most have indicated it is good to blend with finer wool to give the finer wool strength.  I do not spin myself nor do I claim to be an expert in wool so if you have any specific questions regarding the texture and use of this wool please consult an expert - not me!  I'd be happy to send a small free sample to you if you want to look it over first.

The sheep are fed hay off the ground during the winter so there should be very little vegetable matter present. There may be some double cutting but I have tried to avoid that as much as possible.

Here is a picture of a finished roving and yarn made from my wool and dyed with Koolaid. Beautiful, soft and fluffy! If you are interested in purchasing roving or yarn like this, please email fiber artist Susan Fitzsimmons directly at Sharon@fitzsimmons.com