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Nothing for sale at this time.  TAKING RESERVATIONS FOR 2012 LAMBS.  They will be born March 2012.

Every year I have a large selection of ewe and wether lambs for sale much like the ones in the photos below. They are sold for either butchering lambs, home breeding stock or 4-H show stock.  I can't say for sure but I think they would also perform well in a dairy.  Email sheep@sizerfarm.com for more information. 

GENERAL INFORMATION:  Prices for all lambs regardless of sex will be a flat price and that price is determined by market value at the time of sale.  Fall 2011 it was $175 per lamb.  It could be as high as $200 per lamb in 2012.  That price is a flat price regardless of your use (butchering, breeding or showing).  Anyone wishing to purchase lambs will have to come pick up their lamb on a prescheduled pickup day. If there are many people wanting lambs there will likely be more than one pickup day. Lambs that are not sold will go to market approximately one week before Rosh Hashanah (around mid to late September usually).  A deposit of $50 per lamb is required when you decide you want a ewe lamb or wether.  Remainder due to be paid before or on lamb pickup day.  Intact males require payment in full reservation.  Pickup day for wethers and ewes will likely occur during the summer but before the trip to market in September.  Intact males should be picked up by the end of June.

BUTCHERING LAMB:  Our male lambs are all castrated at a young age and we will pick out  only the nicest large spring lamb for you.  We have heard rave reviews from our local repeat customers so I would say the quality of our lamb is very good.  Most of the ones we sell to our buyers wanting a lamb to eat weigh about 100 lbs. each but weights may vary and we have no way to weigh them on pickup day so they are sold "on the hoof". 

If you are purchasing a butchering lamb, you should be prepared to butcher the lamb yourself on the farm here on pickup day or haul it to a packing house for them to butcher and package or arrange with us to have your lamb delivered to a processor.  Bring your own packaging and butchering materials if you wish to butcher the lamb here.  We recommend you bring a couple coolers with ice and some trash bags.  We have tables and a skinning pole and clean running water available and we can dispose of waste if desired for an additional $10 but we will waive that fee if you do a good job skinning the pelt and let us have that back. 

INTACT MALES: We can sell you intact males for butchering or breeding but you would have to take the lamb at weaning age and we would have to choose one for you.  The reason why we'd have to pick one out is that we could stand a chance of ruining the mother's udder if you picked out a single lamb or even a twin so we would try to pick out a triplet.  We would require payment IN FULL for intact males before we castrate the entire male lamb crop in April.  You would need to contact us before April and pay us the full amount after we confirm that we do have a lamb for you.  Breeding rams will be docked, eating rams undocked.  Once his wound is fully healed you would be expected to come get the lamb on a prearranged date.  We'd expect you to pick the ram lamb up no later than the end of June or you will be charge boarding fees of $10 per week until you exhaust your payment, then he'll go up for sale.


EWE LAMBS: Ewe lambs picked up on lamb pickup day will be unbred. We are not able to offer breeding service at this time.

RAM LAMBS: Please see "Intact males" above (in the butchering lamb section) for information about ram lambs for breeding.

SHOW LAMBS:  We usually leave our wether lambs undocked so if you want a show lamb you need to tell us as early as possible so we can dock him for you.  We are not set up to lamb out of season so you will get a March or slightly later born lamb.  Children in 4-H or FFA who provide me with a letter from their leader stating they are a member in good standing will receive a $50 discount.  Please understand that these lambs are not handled much and are raised on their mothers so they are not tame lambs when you get them however they are not wild crazy acting sheep and should be easy to train once on grain and penned up.